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Prelude of the first ever solo journey.
Monday, September 5, 2016 @ 11:35 PM - Permalink | 0 Chats

I'm writing this on the plane, between the clouds somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean. I don't know what time is it now, because time is an illusion if you were floating between clouds. I hug my Lotso bear tightly because the cabin's very cold. Everyone's asleep, and a lady sitting next to me is also falling asleep after she took a some kind of sleeping pill. It's so quiet, I can hear the hum of plane engine eventho music's playing thru my earphones.

I always love being on the plane. I love the ambience, I love the excitement. It might sounds crazy, but I don't mind getting stuck in a plane for hours. I'm perched just above the clouds. I'm resting under the stars. I always feel content to be neither lying on solid ground or dancing with the unknowns. I crave the ground passing beneath my feet, floating between the clouds. It is not fear that grips me when I was so high in the sky, 38000 above. Where people are molecules and buildings are ants and my worries would escape thru the doors. Up above, everything just doesn't matter.

The quiteness of being on the plane makes me comfortable. Falling Slowly is playing. I can't see a thing because it's dark outside. Everytime I took a plane, I always choose the window-seat since I was a kid. I cannot afford the business class one, so having a rest in a window seat while looking outside the plane is kind of my thing. Reminiscing the journey back then, on what I have finally gain back; myself.

For those who have been known me for years, I've always had itchy feet. Never can sit still. Or let the soles of my shoes fuse to the ground. I keep going, going, and going. And I never stop to wonder, what exactly I'm running from. One of my best friends said that I need an anchor to keep me sane, to keep my feet on the ground. A restless soul, my friend called me. But months ago, I lost it; my anchor and my muse. And that's the reason I had this journey to myself. After 7 days, I finally have to end this eye-opening journey.

A lady wearing red blazer brings me a glass of water. She smiles and asks about my new teddy bear and also my trip. Indeed, it's my first time to travel alone, 10000 miles away from home. There's no one to count on, because I chose to have no partner in this trip. At first, I was so scared on my decision. But right now, I don't have any regret to finally have my own first ever solo trip. It turned out that I have so many lesson learned on this trip. I've been on many foreign places since I was kid, but nothing can beat this one. I finally overcome many fears that I had.

There are so many reasons why I chose to go solo on this trip. On my next post, I will tell you all the details. But first, I have to finish this crappy school things. I'll write you soon.

With all my love,

Tatya Koeswanto.